Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mom Binder!!

Ok so I don't know why I constantly say I will do better about posting and then a month goes by. :) I think I will not say that anymore and just post as often as I can.

So today I am posting about my sanity saving tool. My Mom binder (or as my kids call it my portable brain) I love this because it really helps me keep track of everything I do. I got the idea from the Flanders Family blog and even got some of my calendar pages through them. What is in my binder? Glad you asked. You can put anything in here that you want, especially stuff you want to remember. Here is what I have in mine and this is what works for me.

What you need to make a Mom Binder:
1 binder (bigger size not sure the inches)
dividers with pockets
anything you want to add.
I realize that leaves it wide open but I firmly believe that in order for the Mom Binder to work you need to put in it what works for YOU not me. If you design it just like mine and it does not fit your lifestyle it will be a big failure and I don't want that. I want you to be excited and use it to make your life easier.
Most important...decorate it, make it your own and add some style to it with stickers, paint, picture inserts whatever you want. It needs to be attractive and something you want to carry around.

First and foremost in the first divider I have my Calendar, by that I mean I have each month with good size squares in it, and I also have one sheet in the back with all the year calendars so I can tell at a glance what holidays are coming up. It was important to me to have one with good size squares for me to make notes in. I am a writer, I am not great with technology however give me a #2 pencil and or pen and I am good to go. I suppose these days you can call that "old school":)

The next section I have is my menu section. This is super important for me as far as shopping, our family's health, and saving money goes. The way I do it is I make up a menu for the week. Although there is meals planned on certain days I do not always follow it. What I do however is make sure I have all the ingredients for each menu item that way if I don't feel like making Pot Roast on Tuesday and want to choose one of the other meals planned out for another day I know I have all the ingredients on hand. It also helps that I have a pretty good variety. To make my menu planning easier I also keep at least a month or so worth of weekly menus in this section so I can refer to others. When making a menu I also like to put a note as to where I found the recipe...too often in the past I have went to make a new recipe and forgotten where I had seen it which takes a lot of time to find. In the front of this section on the divider page it has a pocket. I keep our local takeout menus in there as well. This is very helpful when I am out at my daughter's cheer practice, or running one of the boys to their activities and we do decide to order takeout then I have those takeout menus with me and don't have to call 411 to get the number. I also keep my coupons that I will be using at the next grocery store trip with me.

Next section is extra worksheets. As a homeschooler, I plan out the kids schoolwork and plan out how long I think it will take them, however often times they finish early while I am working with one of the other kids. Therefore I have a worksheet available to keep the kids busy. It is great for doc offices, therapy appts etc. Also it is wonderful for when we are going somewhere and the kids "forget" to bring their schoolwork along, I tell them "lucky for you I have some extra work" it could be anything, spelling, word search, crossword puzzle, or as in the picture math time sheets.

I am still adding to this binder. I am currently working on the medical section where I will have "copies" of immunization records, numbers for doctors, neurologists, therapy center, allergies etc. I will also be adding a household section where I keep notes of when we put in a new water heater, or chores that need to be done, etc. etc.

At the back of this binder I put in a legal notepad for jotting down notes, phone numbers, ideas for decorating, whatever. Grocery lists even.

I will add to mine as I go, my Mom Binder goes everywhere with me. Literally. Sports events, homeschool co-op, it is in the car with me always. For me it has been a valuble tool. Don't forget to check out http://wearethatfamily.com/ for more WFMW tips. ;)

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    cool blog by the way I just love the way u post and how good your post are! your the worlds greatest mom ever!!!

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