Monday, June 14, 2010

Ok so my plans to blog regularly have been run over by the busy-ness of the end of school year and end of sports. :) Hopefully I can keep up more after that. Until then here is my Menu Plan for the week. ;)


B-Bagels and smoothies

L- PBJ Sandwiches, goldfish crackers, and fruit

D- Taco Salad


B-scrambled eggs,fresh fruit, and toast

L-PB & honey tortilla wraps, fruit, and cut up veggies

D-no cook for me the hubs and kids are going to a bbq! ( I am working and will have leftovers)


B- smoothies, hardboiled eggs, and cereal

L- mac n cheese (with pureed squash mixed in), green beans, and fruit

D- Chicken salad in pita pockets with carrot sticks


B-homemade poptarts & HB eggs

L- homemade hotpockets, and granola bars (also homemade)

D-Three Cheese Ziti


B-smoothies, toast and HB eggs

L- Tuna Casserole, green beans and strawberries

D- Hamburgers and fries.

Snacks for the week (here is what I have available that the kids can choose from)

celery w/pb


apple slices with fruit dip

homemade cinnamon pita chips

homemade beef jerky


fruit rollups (homemade and really is more like fruit leather but I call it that for kids)

homemade granola bars.

as you can see I do make a lot of things homemade and that is because I am trying to get our family back to real whole foods which requires a lot more baking and dehydrating etc. for me, however I usually make the snacks for the week on Sundays and then keep them bagged up or in freezer till ready throughout week. It is just easier for me. We also have a lot of smoothies because that is the easiest way to get the vitamins in the kids, lol and to be honest veggies for me. We have a vitamix which I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE. I will always sing it's praises.


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