Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hello there,

I decided to jump on the blog bandwagon. This is going to be a very specific type of blog in which I will share tips and "from the trenches" stories of womanhood,wifehood,and most importantly to me Mommyhood. :) I hope that people that read this blog come away with a tip or too, or at least a feeling that they are not alone in this whole family manager thing. Whether or not you are a single mom, newlywed just starting out in your life, seasoned mom, even a stay at home dad etc. no matter I believe everyone can benefit from a blog with tips and stories. After all isn't the blog world kind of like the new age "bridge group" ?

A little bit about me;
I am a proud wife and mommy. I married my husband almost 13 years ago and we have 3 beautiful kids who at times test our patience and will (just sayin)but always fill us with joy and great stories to keep the grandparents and others laughing.
I have always had a strong domestic gene that my mom says skipped over her and came straight to me from my grandmother who was the ultimate domestic goddess. Seriously she was always put together and polished and her house always looked like a showcase in a home and gardens magazine. Martha Stewart had NOTHING on her. Grandma had a strong affection for bleach to the point where all us family used to say "be careful she has bleach and she knows how to use it" Believe me I know...she bleached one of my favorite peach and white striped sweaters when I was in highschool and turned it pink and white. Nevertheless when it comes to running my own house I try and strive to be a cross between her and the proverbs 31 woman. :) Grandma passed on shortly after I got married but I still think of her often and remember her fondly.

In any case you will notice that I start off on one point and sometimes trail off on another lol. Back to my story, I currently am an "at home" Mom however I say that in quotes because honestly in this day and age even stay at home mom's don't stay at home. I currently am a nanny for two families in my home while I homeschool my own children, and run our home. Lest you think that I juggle all the balls in the air easily ...fear not I drop at least one of them all the time it seems, sometimes all of them. :)
Hang on for the ride and if you have questions or would like a tip on something your having trouble with feel free to drop me a line and let me know. I won't bite I promise (unless you have chocolate in your hand..and then all bets are off)


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